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7 Daily Routine Ideas for People Who Don’t Do Routines — The Midday Latte

Joscelyn Kate
7 min readApr 23, 2020


Having a daily routine sounds dreamy. Imagine waking up at the same time every day, meditating, maybe some yoga or spinning, coffee, breakfast, news bites. I like to think of myself at a breakfast nook with the sunshine streaming in. I bet I would be super productive all day too.

But alas, I am not a routine person. I have tried and they just never stick. Besides, I don’t even have a breakfast nook.

It’s a mystery to me how anyone does the same thing over and over, my waking circumstances seem to change daily. I have two kids, and a puppy, who like to wake me up every morning in a new way. I’m also expecting, so the morning sickness keeps me from waking up in good spirits anyway, it usually takes until about 9 or 10am before I feel like myself.

One thing I can count on currently is waking up before 7am to that sweet morning sickness. Then the kids and dog wake up and we make our way downstairs. I usually stand around the kitchen for a while trying to figure out what I’m going to eat. Then I make the kids something. From there, it’s a free-for-all.

However, I am noticing that in order to get anything done, I have to have some kind of organization to my day. Being self-employed, with a self-employed husband, can make consistency hard. We only have ourselves to hold accountable, nobody else is expecting anything from us. If we don’t get our work done, we don’t get to pay our bills, it’s that simple.

So I needed to develop some kind of process that provided a little bit of consistency.

Here are seven things you can do, if you don’t like routines, but need a little bit of routine in your life:

1. Use a personal reward system.

Before I make my coffee, I check the bank, make sure the bills have been paid and any checks have cleared. It’s kind of my reward. I won’t make my coffee until I’ve done this. Sometimes that means I have coffee at 11am, sometimes I have it at 830am.



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