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Your analysis is oppressive, Caroline Kitchener, and I think you should reconsider.

Can we stop being Karens about everything already? WallstreetBets is apparently the new poster product for demonstrating how the world should be exactly a way that it isn’t. Someone is to be blamed. A manager needs to be called. Correct this already, someone.

All the problems of society now rest on a community of people who rattle their money-emotions out through anonymous screen names and crude language (which they were actually even nice enough to create a glossary for—I know, obvious total bastards.)

This hit piece on Wallstreetbets, saying it’s ‘fratty’ and excludes women, is offensive to me, as a…

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“Oh this isn’t social media. This is Trump media. It’s not social media. It’s really not; it’s not social media.”

Why do people think CNN and Fox News are equal news sources? I’m always confused when people who watch Fox News claim that people from the left are brainwashed by liberal media. Other-claiming to be-non-partisans claim CNN is unreliable and their news is skewed. Complaints that CNN won’t report on stories that don’t serve their narrative are typically met with facts that show CNN was unable to confirm the story. …

Looking at a cult from the outside.

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Are you struggling to talk to family or friends and neighbors? Are you paralyzed by disbelief because there are still people who believe Donald Trump when he says the election was rigged or stolen and he is the true winner?

It’s hard to watch people believe these lies. To try and understand why and to think of how to explain or counter or show them the truth… it feels impossible.

Every time we try to offer perspective, his supporters reject it with the fierceness of a child whose toy is being tugged away. They are “ entitled to their beliefs.”…

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“What if you had it all, but nobody to call?”

Sometimes it feels like we’re standing in our own cubes with a glass wall around us. People are looking at us, but they can’t see us.

It’s like they can’t come inside the cube and truly understand all of us, other people can only observe us from the outside. So the inside feels lonely.

We try to describe our inside and so people can understand who we are and so they can confirm they see it, but words don’t do feelings justice. We can talk around our feelings but we never get it exactly right.

No matter how many words…

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They’re completely unrelated and I’m feeling boxed in…

Dear Medium Staff,

Thanks for all you do. I am really loving the new updates and algorithm changes. They make all kinds of sense. I appreciate the work you’re putting into the platform, it is by far my favorite writing platform.

I hope your bubbles are staying safe and healthy, happy holidays, well wishes for the new year ahead, and THANK GOD TRUMP IS LEAVING OFFICE!!!

Ok, now that the niceties are out of the way…

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I appreciate the pro-choice argument that more abortions could be avoided through various societal changes, access to healthcare, fewer barriers to facilitating survival, and more education. I don’t accept the idea that the term pro-life has or should have a certain definition. Taking someone’s label from them and reapplying it to other circumstances is aggressive and disrespectful.

Self-identification is a private and personal matter. We are here only to receive people as they present themselves. …

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Sometimes the little moments matter the most.

At nine months pregnant in the middle of a pandemic, I was breaking down pretty much daily. One thing after another caused me to panic; was I going to be able to breathe through a mask during labor? Would I be able to labor without pain medication if I couldn’t breathe through my mask? Would my husband be allowed in the room to support me and receive his baby into this world?

These thoughts were stewing in the back of my mind since the beginning of the pandemic but as my due date was approaching, they became center-focus. I was…

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What if you were going to die?

It’s been such a long time since any of us have had a good night out… can you even remember how you used to get ready? Maybe you take showers that steam up the bathroom, meet societally-imposed shaving expectations on all sections of your body. Wear a brand new outfit. Slick back your hair. As you’re getting ready you imagine life is better, happier—even for just a few moments, a few hours laced together.

Right before you walk out the door—to avoid sweating too much in your new shirt—you throw on the final piece, button it carefully, shake your pant…

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Do you think you have a right to eat, to shelter, to healthcare?

What does it mean to have rights?

Imagine a mouse placed in a maze. There is prepared food at one end. Performing a series of preset actions will lead the mouse directly to the prepared food, there may be some diversions and delays, but eventually, he’ll make it, to some amount of prepared food, as long as he keeps working the maze.

He could starve to death while working on the obstacles, that is a real possibility, but if he works hard enough—or smart enough—he should be able to get to the food without issue.

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Maybe it’s not what you need. Maybe you need community-care.

Sometimes, we need others to reflect back to us who we are in order to validate ourselves. We need confirmation that who we’re trying to be, who we want to be, is coming across to other people, that we are succeeding in being the selves we’re building.

Not all things can be resolved internally.

The kind of person we are, our humanness, is not only about how we treat ourselves. That is one experience, one relationship, within our humanness. Our completeness is made up of all our relations — to people, to animals, to things.

How people and animals and…

Joscelyn Kate

Lover of lattes, champagne, avocados, sleep, and my perfect family. The epitome of a liberal millennial snowflake.

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