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Why Does it Have to be Cheating?

I continually pose this question to Trump supporters who are claiming fraud and election misconduct. Nobody is willing to answer though... Why couldn’t Biden have just won?

The responses vary from, “Come on, do you really think he didn’t cheat?” to “Listen, I believe they cheated, you don’t and you’re not going to convince me”, or sometimes inquiring as to how I cannot possibly believe the signed, sworn affidavits of the poll watchers.

But in all seriousness, why is it implausible that people were sick of Trump?

No Senate Action

Since Trump’s nomination to the Republican party, people have been divided on whether they love or hate him. Of course, there are those who block their eyes and ears and vote for him based on some unfounded claim of preferring republican policies or aligning ideologies. …

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“How can I help you?”

*phones ringing furiously*

Volunteer Campaign Worker: “Trump Campaign Headquarters. Hashtag-MAGA. How can I help you?”

Frantic Caller: “Hi, I don’t know my chant, what’s my chant?”

VCW: “Ok sir, what region are you in?”

FC: “I’m in the midwest. Northern Oklahoma.”

VCW: “Ok, we’re going to have you chanting ‘Count the votes’, alright sir? I will now transfer you to the Aide to Fend Off Democratic Attacks, Lies, and Propaganda department where you can make your minimum 2-figure donation. Will that be all before I connect you?

FC: “Uh yes, but before you go, my cousin in the Northeast, what should I have her chanting? …

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You don’t have to be a specialist in any one category to make good money.

One of the most common misconceptions about freelance writing is that you need to be a specialist in one subject or industry to make any money. So many writers wait to start pitching and looking for clients because they believe they need to have in-depth knowledge on one subject, like SEO, digital marketing, healthcare, tech, or cryptocurrency.

If you do have in-depth knowledge on a subject, it is a good idea to write in that subject first because you’ll be able to develop your writing skills without getting bogged down researching the subject you’re writing about.

There’s No Reason to Pick a Niche Right Away, or Ever

If you don’t have in-depth knowledge in any one subject, there’s no reason to give up on your dream of becoming a freelance writer or digital marketer. You can look for work and learn new subjects at the same time. One of the best ways to gain lots of writing experience, in many different subjects, is by finding work through content or digital marketing agencies. …

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Sometimes our idols are ordinary, no extra.

I love reading quotes from famous people, especially those who are famous for their success and ambition. Brian Rowe writes some of my favorite pieces on notable quotes. It’s inspiring to read what others have said and to connect with people who are successful, who you admire, through common beliefs. But for some reason, I never remember to take note of the good quotes I read.

So instead, I put together a list of quotes, by ordinary people, that have significantly shaped my character. These are the pieces of advice I remember frequently throughout my life. …

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Reel in the bells and whistles; make it simpler.

1. And Then There Were None, Agatha Christie

According to Wikipedia, Christie’s work is the world’s best selling mystery book with over 100 million copies sold. This was my first Agatha Christie read and knowing what a renowned author she is, I had high expectations for her writing. As I was reading through the first few chapters, I thought to myself, what is so special here? The more I read, the faster I got through the book, the more I realized, it’s the simplicity. The simplicity of her writing, of the characters, of the vocabulary, of the predictability of the ending.

“And then the letter had come.”

It’s simple, breezy, and predictably suspenseful, but also engaging. I was captured through every page. She uses very basic, simple, and easy vocabulary. She doesn’t distract the reader or photobomb as Jim Garlits so eloquently puts it. …

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The power of prayer can work for anyone.

I have never believed in God. As a child, I was enrolled in the local Protestant church’s Sunday school. I remember my first day of Sunday school, just like I do my first day of kindergarten. It was surreal.

There were lots of new children. We were in the basement of the church. I was given a shiny new, soft-cover copy of the New Testament.

We hung our coats and sat at long rectangle tables. The ceilings, walls, and floor were stark white. Small rectangle windows at the very top of the walls streamed in bright light. …

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And I really don’t know what to do with it.

I hate it. This can of black beans. It stares at me as I take out the peanut butter to make lunches. And again as I grab the honey for my tea. And then a third time as I browse the cabinets for a snack.

I discovered it a few days ago and it’s been haunting me ever since.

After the CEO of Goya made statements in support of Donald Trump, a movement to boycott the brand started. In response to the boycott, Donald and Ivanka Trump both posted pictures of themselves essentially endorsing and promoting the brand, in political office. …

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And how it impacts your self-worth.

Establishing personal boundaries is essential to achieving personal happiness and success. If we allow other people to dictate what, when, or how we do something, or which of our values or priorities are important, or what kind of behavior we tolerate, we start to lose our sense of self. This can lead to depression, resentment, discontentment, and feelings of worthlessness.

Each of us is responsible for facilitating optimal circumstances for our own personal success.

From 7 figures to fast food service.

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“Could you please verify your name, spelling of first and last, and your date of birth?”

I was about six months into my new role as a Claims Assistant. Anxious to get promoted to Adjuster as quickly as possible, I offered to take on tasks from the adjusters I assisted.

Recorded statements were one of the most important assets in processing insurance claims, especially workers' compensation. Recorded statements are also one of the most boring aspects of an adjuster's job, so many of them are happy to hand it off.

“Great, can you tell me a little bit about your education and employment history?” …

Advice gathered from working 15+ different jobs.

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Did you always know what you wanted to be when you grew up?

When I was growing up, I wanted to be a lawyer. Matlock was one of my favorite shows (obviously the best example of a real-life lawyer), I heard they made lots of money, and they got to wear suits with those clicky shoes that I just loved.

I put no thought into whether I wanted to commit to the schooling or schedule of being a lawyer, I just wanted fancy clothes and lots of money.

The first clue that a corporate lifestyle was probably not for me should have been my first job. I hated that being 5 minutes late caused someone to speak to you. I was fifteen, working at Dunkin’ Donuts, and I disliked all of the managers because they always had something to “talk about.” So, I moved on to another job. …


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