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Lover of lattes, champagne, avocados, sleep, and my perfect family. The epitome of a liberal millennial snowflake.

I‘m not quite sure of exactly who I am.

I like to think I’m an open person, but I’m fairly deliberate in my communication so I can come across as closed off or reserved. I try to communicate efficiently but I think people sometimes see that as practiced.

I’m socially awkward—working on it—but I would say being closed off…

Our Secret

It was 1:48 am. My Nextel was buzzing under my pillow. I had gotten home about an hour ago and hadn’t fallen asleep yet. I pulled out my phone to see who it was.

The number wasn’t saved, but I knew it and didn’t wonder why he was calling.


And whatever other feelings she wants to feel.

Khloe Kardashian is understandably upset about a photo that was released without her consent. I’m not linking to it because it’s upsetting to her and regardless of curiosity, I respect her enough to leave it unsearched.

Releasing it was apparently a mistake, which is fine. But she’s receiving backlash for…

A different kind of freedom so many people didn’t see.

The Distance was Good for Me

Social distancing has been hard in a lot of ways. Being without family and friends, regular routines, workplace interactions, and the general buzz of a crowd for an extended period of time has been emotionally draining for most of us.

But for some, the distance created a moment where we…

Multiple streams of income are the new savings account.

Do people dream of becoming freelancers like they dream of becoming astronauts or doctors? I wanted to be a lawyer.

My whole life was designed around becoming a lawyer. I went to college, planned law school, networked to become an intern. I’ve been cultivating relationships with lawyers since I was…

And how it’ll make me more money (plan included).

My writing is sporadic. I’ve been trying to blog consistently since 2016 but for some reason I haven’t found my stride. Likely because everything I do is inspired by — or handicapped by — my emotions. If I’m not feeling wild about an idea, I’ll do something else until I…

Even though every single one I’ve submitted has been rejected.

When I first heard about Medium in a Facebook group for copywriters, everyone talked about submitting their articles to publications and which publications would help you reach a bigger audience.

Since I was desperately trying to make money online so I could stop going to an office job, I figured…

Improve your writing by avoiding the overuse of common words.

Someone once said something about writing a million words to find your voice. I agree it takes at least that many although I haven’t reached the milestone myself yet so I couldn’t say with any certainty. The words you write matter though. Writing ‘the’ one million times isn’t going to…

Allowing unchecked content into your life is targeting your happiness.

The pandemic is on its way to an end. We’re on the precipice of the new normal that many have been speculating about… will masks be a seasonal thing? Will we have more pandemics? Will in-person interactions cease to be commonplace or the predominant form of human interaction?

We still…

I realized we create the doom-scrollers and I don’t want to be one of those anymore either.

The year 2020 was going to be the best year of my life.

In 2019 I had my second daughter, quit my job to freelance full-time, and my older daughter was to be starting pre-K. …

Joscelyn Kate

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