Khloe Kardashian Should Feel Bad

And whatever other feelings she wants to feel.

Khloe Kardashian is understandably upset about a photo that was released without her consent. I’m not linking to it because it’s upsetting to her and regardless of curiosity, I respect her enough to leave it unsearched.

Releasing it was apparently a mistake, which is fine. But she’s receiving backlash for her panic, her real feelings about a picture of her that she didn’t want out there.

There are so many defenses for getting over it; knowing she’s a celebrity, makes a living off being in the public eye, she posts pictures of herself all the time. Why should she care about this one? People are saying she shouldn't be ashamed of the picture. She shouldn't feel bad.

Why shouldn’t she feel bad? Khloe Kardashian is a person, with feelings, needs, desires, and insecurities. Why do we apply logical reasoning? When is there a ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ with feelings? We have ‘should’ and ‘shouldn't’ with actions but feelings are uncontrollable. They pop up, we notice them, and we respond to them. Sometimes we ask other people to care.

Her preference to have that picture removed was based purely in emotional needs. She was afraid of not controlling her image, the one she sells, for a living.

Releasing some unedited version of my writing—with screenshots circulating the internet, and people saying I should be proud and accept it because I’m a writer and I invite people to read my work all the time—would feel violating. Saying I should feel good when others read any and all of my work, no matter what I choose to release, would sound like I should feel good that they’re violating me.

Khloe should not stop feeling bad and not stop defending herself because the picture was violating for her. As a woman, it feels disempowering to hear other people say she ‘should’ anything. She doesn’t want the picture out. It makes her feel not good. Feelings that are not good is enough of a reason for the rest of us to respect her and move on.

We do not need to convince her that she has mis-experienced anything, that her feeling bad is wrong, it’s not, it’s authentic. All we need to do is listen, respect her, and move on.

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