Start with 10 Steps: A Self-Improvement Guide

Joscelyn Kate
7 min readApr 22


Self-improvement depends greatly on the way you value you own life, past, present, and future. If you want to make your past self jealous, you need to take self-improvement steps every day.

There is no magic fix to improving your life. When you’re unhappy, changing your circumstances happens one step at a time.

Here are the first ten steps to get you started:

1. Learn to Value Your Current Life

Valuing your life means taking stock of what you have and how you got it.

This isn’t about gratitude, it’s about inventory. What do you see that was worth your time and attention and that came to fruition? Is it the best it could be? Do you want it to be better?

This could be a job, your current home, the relationships in your life.

Valuation starts with a foundation. You set your own foundation, look at what’s important to you. See the current value of what is there and then define what increasing the value of that area looks like.


You live in a small apartment. Who would this apartment be of value to and why? What would they do with this space? How much of your perspective is impacted by what you can’t do with the space?

Understanding that perspective affects how you value what you have, releases negative perceptions that what you have needs to be replaced. Instead you can look for ways to increase how this is already valuable to you.

2. Set Realistic Goals & Reach Them

There are two kinds of goals:

  • Habits
  • Wins

Habits include things like walking daily or drinking more water. Wins are about seeking out one achievement, like taking yourself on a cruise.

You will have different reasons to set different types of goals in your life. All goals are good. Even the ones you don’t reach because setting goals and working towards them will help you develop habits in service of your own needs.

Start out setting realistic goals, small wins you can achieve easily. This is how you begin to build self-trust…



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