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This is How > 25% of my Articles Have Been Invited to Publications

Even though every single one I’ve submitted has been rejected.

When I first heard about Medium in a Facebook group for copywriters, everyone talked about submitting their articles to publications and which publications would help you reach a bigger audience.

Since I was desperately trying to make money online so I could stop going to an office job, I figured writing on Medium and submitting through publications was the way to go.

The very first article I wrote, I didnt submit anywhere. I was too nervous and felt too self-conscious about my writing and my opinions in general. But then I was invited to submit my article to a publication. I was so excited and convinced it would go viral and I’d become a top writer off this one article and I’d start making $3,000 a month on medium in no time. That was four years ago and I’m still sitting at less than 600 followers.

To be fair, I’m not very consistent on Medium.

Since then, I’ve been invited to submit 11 more articles to 6 different publications. I’ve published a grand total of 47 articles, having 12 invited to publications means more than a quarter of my writing is read by editors I’ve never reached out to.

Every time I’ve submitted an article, it’s been rejected. Every. Single. Time. Actually, my About Me story was accepted, but I think that one was a given.

How do I get my stories seen? No idea. I rarely share them on social media, I don’t have a very big following, and I don’t post on a consistent schedule.

What I can tell you is that I:

  • Am always writing for the reader
  • Have a short attention span so I avoid filler content, I think it’s merciful
  • Offer succinct and helpful advice
  • Write about what I know and experience
  • Format my articles for readability but also to make them pretty
  • Focus on one person, one question, or one explanation to make it as clear as possible
  • Write as much as possible
  • Read as much as possible

Focusing on writing helpful, easy-to-read content will naturally get your work in front of more people. I tried having a schedule to submit to publications thinking it would help me find more readers but, as I said, I was rejected every time I submitted.

Wanting to get into publications boxed me into ideas. I was trying to think of things that would match the pub’s audience rather than building my own. Once I stopped doing that, I was able to write more freely, and the invitations started coming in.

Below are all the articles I wrote that were invited to publications. They don’t have the same formatting, they’re not about the same topics, and they don’t have the same quality of writing.

The only thing these articles share in common is that when I wrote them, I was really intent on trying to reach someone. I wanted to share something I learned or a perspective I found. My intentions were to be helpful, clear, and leave that someone with the same inspiration I felt when I wrote it.

Lover of lattes, champagne, avocados, sleep, and my perfect family. The epitome of a liberal millennial snowflake.

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