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This is The Reason You Can’t Get Out of Your Funk

Allowing unchecked content into your life is targeting your happiness.

The pandemic is on its way to an end. We’re on the precipice of the new normal that many have been speculating about… will masks be a seasonal thing? Will we have more pandemics? Will in-person interactions cease to be commonplace or the predominant form of human interaction?

We still don’t know. But you don’t have to hold your breath.

Your new normal has already started. We choose what happens in our lives, we choose who we interact with, we make our own health decisions, we decide our priorities. How the rest of the world operates does not need to shake up our internal peace as long as we stay focused on what matters to us.

We all want ideal outcomes, we all want the thing we want. But the reality of life is we may not get what we want, and we cannot wait for our happiness to start. If you decide that you cannot be happy until a certain outcome has been reached, you could die unhappy.

Your Thought Habits

The most overwhelming thoughts can circle constantly in our minds and convince us that we’re right in having them. We think we’re preparing ourselves for a reality we are unfamiliar with or doing mental work that will help us adapt.

But there’s no such thing as doing mental work to adapt to surprise circumstances.

You can do mental work to be a go-with-the-flow type of person, but hard things will always be hard, no matter how much you try to prepare yourself to take them well.

Overthinking is wasted energy. But continually allowing negative thoughts will control the energy you put out and the energy you get back. You’ll start to feel like you’re spiraling down, into more and more badness.

Reset Your Content Bubble to Stop the Spiral

Social media promotes stories, topics, or profiles based on your interests. Every app you use records data in some form, and not just from interactions on their app.

All apps interact with each other—Amazon knows what I’m Googling and Facebook knows what I buy… and talk about… and how often I check my teeth in my camera because they’ve been suggesting teeth straightening things that I’ve never even spoken about.

These apps all share information about what you’re like so they can target you with their products, services, and content.

If you’re someone who talks more about the things that are upsetting you than making you happy, or you have worrisome searches in your internet history (the world is ending, your headache is worse than just a headache, your writing stats are falling, etc.), or you’re constantly reading the most anxiety-inducing articles, that kind of content will continually be suggested to you by media companies, not only in social media but when performing searches on Google or making purchases through retail apps.

Identify the Theme of Your Life

Think of your life as having a theme—is the theme peace? is it anxiety? is it conviction, education, or do you constantly think and read about travel?

The theme of your life controls the content that is placed in front of you by marketing companies. This leads to the creation of a vicious cycle where your reality cultivates more circumstances to envelope you in that reality.

This is how people fall prey to false narratives, or get caught up in unhealthy spending habits. Most of us are aware on some level of how algorithms impact our buying decisions, but we don’t acknowledge how this behavior also impacts our mental health.

Without the awareness or ability to step outside of our thought bubble, we start to believe the world consists of only our thought bubble.

Finding the way out takes mindfulness, intention, and self-discipline. If we want to start seeing that there’s more good in the world or more opportunities for hope, and more people focused on wellness, then it’s necessary to first address what habits we have on autopilot.

Do you complain out loud a lot? Start writing in a journal.

Do you google sad stories, true crime, or constantly look for headlines on politics or other social issues? Choose the social and political issues that matter to you most and develop a plan to contribute to those issues.

Do you read the news or have headline alerts on? Unless it’s your job to follow breaking news, don’t read daily headlines. If it is your job, browse incognito.

Do you love to read everything? I love to read, and I’m always drawn in by clickbait. But that leads to a lot of doom scrolling. And doom scrolling leads to more bad content all over your digital life.

It can feel like the world is full of only bad news, or only misinformation, or only despair. But that’s not true. There are a lot of bad things happening, and we can’t pretend there aren’t but we also can’t pretend that’s all that’s happening because that’s not true either. There is a lot of good in the world.

Where we focus our attention matters, the energy we allow into our lives matters and the content we interact with creates a lot of energy.

Find the Good Content

Intentionally incorporating more good content into your day will naturally incorporate more good into your life. Seek out content that makes you feel hopeful or at peace.

Content that makes you feel hopeful or at peace doesn’t always have to be cheesy-good, it can just be good stuff with a purpose.

  • Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None is one of my favorite books. It’s a murder mystery, but it’s satisfying content written by an inspiring author so the vibes are good.
  • Kemi themelanatedmama on Twitter has a feed full of inspiring quotes and positive messages. Liking and retweeting their content will help your Twitter algorithm recommend more positive content.
  • On Medium Nikolas Göke writes for the unbroken optimist, that’s me! His stories are positive, uplifting, and full of great advice.
  • On Netflix, Jerry Seinfeld’s special 23 Hours to Kill is hilarious and it’s Seinfeld-comedy, so it’s relatable and light, and it ends on a good note.

We’re bombarded by negative thoughts and emotions constantly through content and it can drain all of our positive energy which makes each task in our life a little bit harder, like drinking enough water, making a healthy meal, or creating consistent habits to take care of ourselves.

The energy we allow into our lives is within our control. Find your theme, if it’s the wrong one, change it. You don’t have to stay in the bubble you’re in.

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