Why I Stopped Publishing My Stories Immediately

And how it’ll make me more money (plan included).

My writing is sporadic. I’ve been trying to blog consistently since 2016 but for some reason I haven’t found my stride. Likely because everything I do is inspired by — or handicapped by — my emotions. If I’m not feeling wild about an idea, I’ll do something else until I do feel wild. I’m sure you can imagine what happens if that feeling never comes.

I’ve been freelancing for a while and it was a great way to transition away from traditional employment. However, in some sense, I still have bosses and for me that’s not sustainable. I don’t like bosses.

Income Focused

Creating content and selling digital products is my new focus. I’ve started a newsletter, revamped my personal blog, and committed to a new publishing schedule on Medium, all in an effort to generate consistency in my work and create the foundation for my next venture — writing a book.

Because I’m so freely-emotional and feel my emotions so deeply, I get caught up in the hype of online writing. Stats become fuel for my writing, or quitting. Likes become the reason I post, or don’t post. Allowing my emotions to control my creativity made it so I got discouraged easily and stopped producing content based on a lack of immediate reactions. I realize how ludicrous that sounds. I can’t expect every piece of content I create to go viral.

I also know viral content doesn’t elevate your writing or ability to remain consistent anymore than a magic potion would. So the entire concept of having constant feedback in order to continue committing felt silly. I didn’t need responses or reads, I needed to feel better about my choices. Was I improving my writing? Was I promoting my writing? Was I consistently doing either? And to all three, the answer was no.

Publishing an article immediately was about my ego. It was about how I wanted to feel. It wasn’t because I absolutely needed to share this information with my followers. Writing and then publishing right away caused me to follow my stats. If an hour went by with zero views, I’d start feeling bummed.

I’d start reading articles, scrolling Twitter, and finding things around the house to distract myself. If my work wasn’t immediately responded to, I’d lose motivation to share it. Completely counter-productive.


Forcing myself to schedule a post for later allowed me to let go of the initial need for an adrenal rush of responses. I have time to disconnect from the article so I stop seeing it as the best thing I’ve ever written.

I write more articles in the meantime. They all become content pieces in my foundation of credibility and consistency so when I try to sell something, people will believe it came from a reliable — and not sporadic — perspective.

If I don’t show up consistently, create even when I don’t want to, and stop using my emotions as fuel, my perspective will not be viewed as reliable or professional.

Writing is my passion. Content creation is my livelihood. Self-discipline is the best way to fuel my livelihood with my passion.

My Plan

Because I struggle with consistency, I can’t take on too much at once. I’ll be sticking to a simple schedule for at least three months. After three months I hope to naturally increase each step.

Step 1

Publish writing/life advice on Medium once per week on Mondays.

  • This is not an income focus for now, I will simply work on consistency and improving my writing.
  • This may become an income focus in the future if I decide to create a “freelance for beginners” digital course since those are my best-performing articles.

Main promotional platform: Twitter

Step 2

Publish mom-focused advice on self-worth & parenting at The Midday Latte once per week on Wednesdays.

  • This will be an income focus once I increase monthly sessions I’ll utilize an ad network for monthly income.
  • I am accepting guest posts so I can publish more frequently without writing more frequently.
  • This will be a targeted audience for my self-worth book.

Main promotional platform: Pinterest, Facebook

Step 3

Publish weekly newsletter on Substack every Friday.

  • This will be an income focus. Once I’ve grown my subscriber list, I will charge a monthly subscription for archived posts and monthly live discussions.
  • This will also be a targeted list for my self-worth book.

Main promotional platform: Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook

You may be wondering if I’m publishing three times a week, why don’t I do it on one platform? If I published three times per week on Medium, for example, I’d certainly improve my stats and increase my followers. But the problem is that it will be noticeable and, for me, emotional.

If I start seeing too much too fast, I’ll lose focus. In order to create a habit I can stick to, I need to take it slow. Freelance writing has freed me from my 9–5 so I can focus on writing. Now it’s time to actually focus.

Want to chat about it? Come find me on Twitter or join my newsletter on Substack.

Lover of lattes, champagne, avocados, sleep, and my perfect family. The epitome of a liberal millennial snowflake. joscelynkate.substack.com

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